Kirk will be happy to provide a list of attorneys for whom he has recently mediated.

"I have known Kirk for many years and have worked cases against him and with him. Kirk has always been prepared, thorough, and most of all, passionate, in the representation of his clients. I was very pleased to hear from him recently that he decided to transition his law practice from zealously representing clients to serving our legal community as a mediator. I have retained Kirk to serve as a mediator in a number of my cases already, and I can report that he brings the same preparation and passion to his mediations. Kirk has successfully mediated each case that I have brought to him, and all of them involved complex legal and factual issues. I have and will continue to highly recommend Kirk to attorneys who have cases that need to be mediated."

- M.L.

"I would highly recommend Kirk for any type of complex litigation mediation. I was recently involved in a mediation which involved complex issues between the parties, and which was overlaid by complex coverage issues relating to the insurance carriers. Kirk's demeanor, persistence, and experience brought to a successful conclusion a mediation that I did not believe would settle. He is first on my list to use in future mediations."

- D.J.