Online Mediation

Recent literature and my personal experiences have shown that online mediation is a good option to help resolve disputes. There are many advantages to online mediation:

  • It's efficient. I've had numerous mediations with participants in different cities, states and countries (even on an airplane), saving thousands of dollars in expense and travel time. Online mediation tends to be faster. Even saving walks down the hall adds up. Online mediation also eliminates a lot of downtime; lawyers and clients can often work on other matters in their own office while being fully engaged in the mediation.
  • It is effective. While there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, it is a close second. Clients are often more relaxed in their own home or their attorney's office, allowing us to focus on the issues quickly. My success rate for online mediation is on par with my success rate for in-person mediations.
  • It is confidential. I do not allow non-parties to attend and recording is strictly forbidden. With the Zoom Pro platform, I have the ability to place participants in conference rooms with their attorneys so they may have private, confidential conversations. All meetings are assigned an individual meeting number and passcode. I am in control of admitting all authorized attendees.

I am fully updated with the latest equipment and have the ability to mediate on the Zoom or WebEx platforms. If it would be helpful, I am happy to schedule a free consultation in advance of the mediation to familiarize your client with the platform and work out any kinks.